Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?
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After the crap-fest that was season 3 of OUAT and the finale reveal that the show was selling its soul to the (corporate) man with a “Frozen” plot I was just about ready to throw in the towel. I had no intention of tuning in this season, but my mom still likes the show, so last night I begrudgingly agreed to watch the season premiere with her. And dare I say I was….pleasantly surprised??? Here are my thoughts:

1. Excellent call in returning to the season 1 episode format of SB interspersed with relevant scenes from FTL/EF. Hopefully they keep up with this format in subsequent episodes, because honestly it’s why I loved season 1 so much.

2. Not diving head first into CS. By this point it is fairly obvious that Captain Swan is going to be a thing (unfortunately) and there is nothing we can do to stop it. However, I was half expecting CS to be married with 2.5 kids by the premiere, so I was happy that Emma wanted to….take things slow…what…someone actually…logically thinking… on this show….shocker! But I will welcome and take any slowing of the roll of this ship I can get. 

3. Actual lasting character development from Regina & Rumple. I was so, so, SO scared that Regina was going to be all “fuck it I’m killing Marion” and unleash holy hell on SB. As you can guess I was beyond ecstatic that Regina was sticking to her redemption path. Because you can never quite tell with the OUAT writers; they usually fuck up character development pretty badly. Also props to Rumple for finally giving Belle the real dagger. Although he shouldn’t have lied to her in the first place, but at least he’s not completely a prick.

4. FUCK YEAH BROTHERS GRIMM (or equivalent). Ever since the pilot I have been praying for Brothers Grimm/Hans Christian Anderson/another folkloric equivalent to appear on the show as the author of the book. In fact, I was convinced for the longest time that August was actually a brother Grimm, and was beyond disappointed when he turned out to be Pinocchio instead (lame. Sorry I’m not an August fan). So with Regina’s vow to find the authors of the book, my wish might finally come true.

5. I am so glad that the “Frozen” story line is supposed to take place post-movie events. My biggest hesitation with the “Frozen” plot originally was that we would have to sit through an entire season (or half season idk what the writer’s are thinking nowadays) of the rehashing of the movie events. Yawn. How boring and unoriginal. Needless to say I was so relieved when I realized the “frozen” plot was going to be original and not a redo of the actual movie. I think the actresses playing Anna and Elsa are actually perfect. Still kinda disappointed they passed on the opportunity to actually cast Jonathan Groff as Kristoff. But that’s more my immense love for Jonathan Groff than anything. I do have immense love for Scott Michael Foster though. Cappie is the only reason anyone should ever watch “Greek”.

Anyway, it looks like I’m going to be sticking it out for this season. The premiere gave me hope that the show can pull itself out of the ginormous shit hole it got itself in with season 3.